Zeidler Union Park

by Gay Spencer 19. February 2012 21:32

Zeidler Union Park, Milwaukee, WI

Nearby in Milwaukee is a small urban park area called, "Zeidler Union Square." Most reviews acknowledge it's used for a farmer's market in the summer and used as a venue for music sometimes.

More than that, it's a thoughtful expression of the concerns of workers. The "Union" part of its name is quite relevant as there are several statements of the importance of worker solidarity, unionism, and labor law.

The gazebo looks like a typical park fixture from a distance, but a closer examination shows the tools of workers of all sorts around the railing, and the elements of the gazebo are statements of the industrial environment of Milwaukee.

Beyond gears and wheels and wrenches there's a computer keyboard, a touch-tone phone, a coffee cup, and a small calculator to demonstrate 20th century workers' tools as well as tools from earlier eras.

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