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by Gay Spencer 11. June 2012 22:46
Washer and Dryer

All the whys and wherefores of the story are too much to type just now. It truly is an exhausting saga. And, it's connected to the events described yesterday with the vases picture. This is my washer and dryer which this evening washed and dried two loads of laundry in the absolute most perfect fashion, after being incarcerated in a storage facility (actually in two different storage facilities, though that's another twist in the saga) for 10 years.

For a decade I have wept, wailed and gnashed my teeth as I shlepped laundry to the laundry mat while thinking and grumbling that it would be so, so much better to have access to my terrific washer and dryer. Friends and family heard my wails and tried to make it better by offering access to their washer and dryer... which simply cost double or triple the amount of time and usually even more carrying of clothes baskets up stairs and steps and whatnot. Through that time I lived on the third floor, and the stairs and the laundry problem were a bad mix. The washer and dryer were just about a year old when put into storage. Thank goodness they still work.

They are not my usual photographic subject, but today I think they are beautiful.


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