Venus and Jupiter

by Gay Spencer 23. February 2012 16:18
Venus and Jupiter

It's not a bad view of the city lights, but the picture isn't about the lights or the classic art deco architecture of the Milwaukee Hilton.

It's about Venus and Jupiter.

Today's picture is larger than usual so that you can see the points of light that are Jupiter and Venus. Look about 2/3 of the way up the left side of the tall building. That point of light is Venus. Consider that spot to be the center of a clock, and look at what would be about the 10 o'clock position, and there you'll see a spot of light that is Jupiter.

The picture was taken pointing West at a little after 8 pm. They are beautiful. I won't be seeing them tonight in Milwaukee, and I won't be seeing the pavement of the parking lot because it will be snowing. Look for them tonight for me.

Visit anytime to find out what you might be seeing in the night sky.

It's a big, big cosmos out there. Look further than your own small world. It's amazing.

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