Up the Ramp

by Gay Spencer 16. February 2012 19:55
Up The Ramp

Dunno how these guys do this every day. I'm sore from yesterday, and no tellin' how creaky I'll be tomorrow. I asked them if they'd be sore tomorrow after loading all the stuff. They looked at me like it was a stupid question, furrowed their brows and said an emphatic, "No." Hmmph. They were good. The best I've seen in my moves from one end of the country to the other.

The packing in the truck was so tight not one thing is going jiggle one way or the or the other. Packed tight to the ceiling.

With me goes almost a decade of Philadelphia stories. I hope you get to hear a few. Leaving Philadelphia is bittersweet for various reasons. I've been thinking a lot the last few days about what I learned here, and sort of what I needed to learn here or was "meant" to learn. I think so.

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