Tommy Gunn's

by Gay Spencer 7. January 2012 09:21
Tommy Gunn's Barbecue Crew

Every picture, every day is not about sweeping landscapes or social commentary or the small beauties along the sidewalk. The camera captures the light that enters the lens, but what the lens is pointed toward and when the shutter opens, and how it gets selected out of infinite possibilities in the day in the life of the photographer are connected to a huge number of decisions--often made rather unwittingly--by the person weilding the camera.

I went to a favorite place of mine, "Tommy Gunn's American Barbeque", and these are the folks who fixed my supper. I've been there in the summer when the temperature back by the grill must have been 120 degrees. It was surprising to find out that when it's 25 degrees outside, it's absolutley freezing back there! I'm a Texan (no matter that I've probably lived more years away from Texas since growing up there), and I always get the Beef Brisket Sandwich. Get the collard greens, and the corn bread, too. Love that stuff. The folks behind the counter are always fun, too.

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