The Top of The Stairs

by Gay Spencer 11. January 2012 17:59

Stairs have always been interesting. They are, still. While pigs might fly, peasant girls put one foot in front of the other and rise one rung at a time.

One of the first assignments in Commercial Photography class was to shoot a picture of a box. The lighting was critical: the top had to be brightest, the front next most bright, and the third visible side less bright. that's how our eyes figure out what's what. We interpret the intensity of the light reflected by various surfaces and planes. So, stairs offer a wonderfully angular and plane-filled example. Most pictures of stairs are looking upward rather than downward. They're more photogentic from that direction, and most of us want to think we're ascending in life rather than descending. Still, the challenge of getting down stairs if you don't see the rungs well or the edges or depth of the steps is difficult to see is particularly treacherous. That's worth a thought or two.

These stairs are more about the unknown of what's at the top. Mystery is a good thing.

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