The Time of the Sea Goat

by Gay Spencer 3. January 2012 11:12
Sonoma County, CA Coast

We snickered about Dad always mentioning our weather when he talked to us from afar. He watched the weather even if he missed the rest of the TV news. The more things change....

Now, my smartphone has my loved ones' locales set up so that with a swoosh of my finger I can see the silly little animation representing the weather on the east coast, in the midwest, in Texas, in the northwest, and in California.

Temperatures dropped everywhere. Single digits in Milwaukee. It's lovely on the Sonoma County California coast, though.

When this photo was taken, it was a breezy day--requiring jackets--in June. The colors were surreal and beautiful.

The Sun is in Capricorn, which is the sign of the Sea Goat. which goes back over 3000 years... not such a new idea. Very interesting.

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