The Pansies Belong to Capricorn

by Gay Spencer 18. January 2012 16:27
The Pansies Belong to Capricorn

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.... Turn, turn, turn. I remember that from a 45 RPM record my sister had in the '60's. Mary Hopkins, it was. On the Apple record label. But actually, it comes from Ecclesiastes chapter three in the Bible. Our year is divided into 12 months, 12 signs of the zodiac, each about 30 days. As those twelve periods--their seasons and events, energies and holidays--have been pondered for thousands of years, the different periods have different associations. Folks observing a liturgical calendar in their worship services may observe different color or symbol associations with different periods. Those changes connect them to a sense of meaningfulness in some way. Of course, for 200 years of so we have associated Red, White and Blue and fireworks with the fourth of July. But some of the ancient associations are curious and difficult to decrypt.

Just as I like the idea of eating with the seasons, so I like the idea of paying attention and "seeing" with the seasons. We'll have images to enjoy that way that we wouldn't have otherwise. Capricorn is nearly past, and I've barely been looking for associations of Capricorn. Today is the opportunity.

Pansies are associated with Capricorn, and I couldn't tell you why. They are surprisingly hardy, and that's a Capricorn trait. They're pretty darn durable but pretty and fresh. The typical colors of Capricorn are more subdued, so that's really not the connection. Some of it remains a mystery, at least for now. I'm lucky I took a picture of pansies when I was travelling to Washington, DC as there are no goats in my neighborhood (an animal association), I don't really think I have any photogenic pasta on hand (another association), and a plane ticket to Morrocco (yet another) is out of the question.

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