The Mystery of Time

by Gay Spencer 1. January 2012 09:02

The Mystery of Time

You tell me. How can a person who has worn the same watch for around 15 years--taking it off each night; putting it on each morning--suddenly lose the watch? I got up one morning about six months ago, and it was gone. Poof. I visited a neighhbor's house the previous evening, so I asked if perhaps it had fallen off my wrist (though the band was repaired quite recently). Nope.

A jangly metallic clatter came from the other room as I was typing here at the computer. I went to see what happened. The shower curtain rod had fallen without provocation. Hmmph. I looked down on the floor of the bathroom, and there was my watch. It's a tiny bathroom. I can't imagine that it could have been there for six months without my noticing. It seems impossible.

There it is. The time was an hour off, due to the shift in Daylight Savings Time. Otherwise, the same as always. Let's say it's an auspicious way to start the new year. Though people have been saying that "the younger generation" just uses a cell phone for a time piece rather than a wrist watch, I'm glad to be back to wearing my watch. Perhaps the poltergeist is suggesting I make a resolution about being on time this year!


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