The Goat Visits the Waterbearer

by Gay Spencer 5. February 2012 13:07
Milwaukee Public Market

My sister has called me "calendar challenged" more than once, but please forgive me, my heart is in the right place. A few weeks ago when I was pondering the associations of Capricorn, I said (without reservation), that there were no goats in my neighborhood. I was wrong. Not only did I find a charming little goat, I discovered all sorts of things about the Milwaukee Public Market.

Going in I was mindful that it wasn't long ago that I was at Pike Place Market in Seattle. Surely Milwaukee's market would not be as impressive. But then, it really is quite snazzy. Maybe the fish market part was not as dramatic as Pike Place, but, West Allis Cheese quite possibly outdoes whatever cheese place they've got in the northwest.

It's not just my opinion here. Frommer's puts the Milwauekee Public Market on it's top ten list!

The top ten public markets list goes like this:

  1. Oxbow Public Market in Napa, California
  2. Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington
  4. Market Square in San Antonio, Texas
  5. Los Angeles Farmers Market in Los Angeles, California
  6. Milwaukee Public Market in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  7. Chattanooga Market in Chattanooga, Tennessee
  8. Pittsburgh Public Market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  9. West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio
  10. Eastern Market in Washington, D.C.

Interestingly, I've lived or have loved ones living in 4 of the top 6 places! Let's all go! A Public Market Fest! Yay! Lucky girl that I am, this morning I had some home made peach preserves (thanks K & S!) for my artisan whole wheat honey bread from the market. Ummmm.

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