The Falls Bridge

by Gay Spencer 11. February 2012 20:59
The Falls Bridge

East Falls is considered a suburb of Philadelphia, but before Europeans arrived, it was a primary fishing area for the native Americans as fish leapt up to clear the huge rocks creating the "falls." In the early American colonial era, it was a recreation area where people would come for "catfish and waffles," and to enjoy the beauty of the Schuylkill River. In fact, our second president, John Adams, makes mention in one of his diaries saying, "Spent the day in East Falls for catfish and waffles."

"The Falls" are gone since they built a dam a few miles down river at the Philadelphia Art Museum. The rocks are underwater; sometimes when the river is a little low you can see them.

It's still beautiful. The road in the picture is Kelly Drive, and the stretch in the picture (close to the intersection with Midvale Ave.) is about the most likely in the area to flood when the Schuylkill comes out of its banks--which usually happens a time or two each year.

The bridge lit by the blue lights in the background is The Falls Bridge, a beauty of an old iron bridge built in 1894 that still carries a huge amount of traffic.

This is a place I love, even on cold nights when it can't decide if it's snowing or raining.

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