The Door to Nowhere

by Gay Spencer 25. February 2012 20:12
The Door to Nowhere

That seventh-floor door surely must have had a better purpose than offering employees a "walk the plank" kind of opportunity. A few days ago we had a picture of a building that was once something else, and I'm sure there's a story or two behind doors like that. You can probably imagine a few stories that are probably more intriguing than the original one. I think the building may be used for computer/data storage these days, and I admit that on a few occasions I might have been tempted to pitch an offending computer out a seventh-floor door if one had been handy.

Indeed, I do think I've eagerly (hopefully) gone through a few doors to nowhere. If you had such a door as this one, what might you find to do with it?

This one is across the street from Milwaukee's Intermodal Station.


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