TX Chick

by Gay Spencer 15. June 2012 16:44
TX Chick

As I was walking on a park path next to a Soapberry Tree (the source of the green berries in the picture), I saw a Mockingbird darting about in some distress. Soon I understood. Two of her little chicks had come out of the nest and were on the ground, still fuzzy and too young to fly. A squirrel was chattering and harassing them, perhaps the reason they were scared from the nest.

I stopped and stood still while Mother Mockingbird attended to the squirrel's advance on the other chick, while this one curiously hopped around, coming within 3 feet of my shoe. Cute little guy. The Mockingbird is the state bird of Texas. I felt an obligation to protect him. I did think that if the squirrel came near "my" chick, I could defend it while Mother Mockingbird was more likely to stick with her other chick while I was so close to this one.

My charge wandered about, and eventually got himself into some low-lying foliage out of site. I'll go back to see if the family is still around there later in the summer.


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