Sunset from the Train

by Gay Spencer 10. January 2012 08:41
Sunset From the Train

Most people seem to think travelling by train is about seeing scenery. It's true that it gives you a chance to look out the window rather than fixate on the bumper of the car infront of you. You are considerably more likely to see the countryside from a train window than an airplane window. But, the way the schedule works also means that many long distance trains are essentially hostels where most everyone is going to be tucked in for the night soon after boarding, and that beautiful coutnryside is going to be too dark to see.

It's a little like getting to go backstage at a play. You see the backstage of America. Backyards, the loading docks, storage and freight operations, grain elevators, shipping companies, stuff like that.

One of the best things is seeing sunsets and sunrises as the train hurries along the countryside. Usually, you look toward the sun to see the sunset, but the beautiful thing is how the setting Sun turns fields to copper and shows the place where someone tills the soil and tries to make a living by growing crops. When you've lived in cities most of your life, as I have, it's an important thing to see. We depend on those folks, and we should honor the hard work they do to insure we had supper tonight.

The sunset was in central Pennsylvania. The sunrise was in central Indiana. The day was oddly warm in Wisconsin. We might have pictures of snow this week.

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