Stauf's in Columbus

by Gay Spencer 18. February 2012 20:49
Stauf's Coffee Roasters

If you're driving the 927 miles between Philadelphia, PA and Milwaukee, WI, the logical thing to do is to stop at the halfway point at Stauf's Coffee Roasters (on Grandview Ave. in Columbus, OH) to enjoy a cup of coffee and the general atmosphere. Nobody does coffee roasting one bit better. They have been roasting coffee longer (since 1988) and better than anybody. I've always been most fond of their deep understanding of the northern African beans, especially Ethiopian coffees... starting with Harrar. I especially like the winey, chocolatey flavors in some of those amazing coffees. Try "Kaldi's Blend," which is tagged with this:

Kaldi was the first "Coffee Achiever" and none of us would be wired if not for this Abyssinian goat herder who, according to folklore, discovered the coffee arabica plant. This dark-roast blend is full bodied, with mild acidity, and smokey/caramel undertones.
Roaster Extraordinaire Tom Griesemer
Ask master roaster Tom Griesemer (pictured left) anything (anything) about coffee. He knows the answer.

And since ~somebody~ so kindly sent me some Stauf's coffee as a gift awhile back, he should expect a little package to likewise appear at his door soon.

It was, however, gorgeous driving weather end to end.

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