St. Patrick's Parade

by Gay Spencer 10. March 2012 15:57
St. Patrick's Parade

It's a full week before St. Patrick's Day, but the Milwaukee tradition of holding the parade on the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day means today kicked off a full week of revelry (trust me, these folks know how to r-e-v-e-l) in the name of St. Patrick. Whew.

The folks in the picture are on the Scots side of Scots-Irish clan and had large signs clarifying that St. Patrick was actually a Scotsman!

If there's a list somewhere of the folks who are best at doing parades, I'm confident Milwaukee is at the top. They must have almost as many Irish Dancing Schools as Pubs. Who knew there were so many Irish Wolfhounds in existence!? Bagpipes aplenty played.

It was quite breezy, so more than one burly participant was hanging on to the bottom of his kilt!

Next Saturday begins with an event called "Green Eggs and Kegs" for breakfast. Good thing a city bus in today's parade advertised free bus fare for St. Patrick's day. Wow.


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