Solstice Sundial

by Gay Spencer 23. June 2012 11:24
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The Summer Solstice is just passed (it was the 20th), and its passage is represented on this stone sundial as the tip of the "ruler" on which you stand to properly cast your shadow to the appropriate hour stone. Apparently, people who are shorter than 8 feet tall do not need to know the time of day.

I like it that it's so vague. No precision here. The picture was taken at about 9 am (Standard Time, as the rocks don't move for the observance of Daylight Time). You can probably tell that it's sometime in the morning by this clock, and in the big scheme of things, that's probably good enough. Too bad most of our lives are set up as though it would be a crisis if our time pieces were off by more than 2 minutes.

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