Snip Snip

by Gay Spencer 8. January 2012 09:05
Snip Snip

Today we recounted how in 2004, Sean Korban (standing on the left) was cutting hair in the Chop Shop on Temple University's campus when I showed up in his chair. The first thing I said (very calmly) was, "If you cut a layer in my hair, I will break your arm." Sean paused ever so briefly and replied, "I wouldn't dream of it. You're absolutely right."

It's a test. That's the correct answer.

Now's he's got his own terrific place called Snip at 2052 Fairmount Avenue, and he's about the only person who has cut my hair since... even though I've lived halfway across the continent for some of that time.

The truth is that at some point in the last decade, I did ask him to cut a layer or two, and he did carefully confirm that this would not cause harm to either of us. It wasn't a disaster, but we abandoned the idea after a couple of cuts. I think he's figured out he can do whatever he wants when he cuts my hair.

If you sit down in his chair, and tell him to not cut a layer in your hair, I bet you will not get a layer in your hair. He's good about that. I was just testing him out for you. No threats are necessary. Please. But tell him I sent ya.

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