Six Mile Smiles

by Gay Spencer 24. June 2012 12:48
Six Mile Smiles

Six of us walked six miles before 8:30 this morning along a lovely route in Plano, TX. in training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day in Dallas November 2-4. It's likely you didn't have as much fun nor use your early Sunday hours as wisely. I won't say, "If someone you care about," but will instead say, "There is someone you care about that has been or will be diagnosed with breast cancer." Your mother, grand-mothers, aunts, sisters, life partners, wives, girlfriends, daughters and grand-daughters are at risk. You need to do something about that. At the very least, make sure they all get mammograms and do regular self-exams. Ask them when they last had a mammogram. Drive them to go get one if that's what they need.

It wouldn't hurt you to walk with us, either. Walk, help us spread the word, and help us raise both money and awareness for the fight to cure breast cancer.

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