Scene of the Crime

by Gay Spencer 22. June 2012 20:26
Scene of the Crime

Dear Readers, I humbly implore you to educate yourself on the topic of chiggers. I did some searching, and found some other blog posts wherein other poor souls describe their intense suffering. Truly, somebody should figure out how to write an opera about some chigger sufferer's quest for relief. The intensity of the itch of a chigger bite (oh, goodness... I first typed "byte," revealing either my itch-induced dementedness or hopeless geekiness... or perhaps both at once) is beyond description. I know I have lived through the experience before (decades ago), so I have faith. I did go to Walgreens and got some Chigarid. In fact, I got the last bottle on the shelf and worried that the next person likewise suffering would be without recourse! Oh no!

Anyway... the picture shows the location of my contact with the chiggers. Truly, these are not the classic circumstances for becoming attacked by chiggers, but believe me, I'll be more wary in the future! I sat under the tree during my lunch hour and ate my salad and studied my SQL Server book. Egads! They got me right there under the tree!


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