Roam baby, Roam

by Gay Spencer 25. May 2012 21:56

Buffalo too

Oh so recently I was saying the "buffalo roam" thing was mostly mythology, and then wouldn't ya know, I found myself eye to eye with the friendliest, most charming buffalo I've ever encountered (it's not a long list, dear ones). It wasn't exact.y "roaming" down city streets, of course. They are such amazing and fascinating creatures. My bet is that you have never had the honor of being represented by the buffalo as your school mascot. You probably didn't go to West Texas State University (I did!) and cheer for "The Buffs." It's exactly the right mascot as what was WTSU (now The University of West Texas) is in Canyon Texas and this snip form the Wikipedia article (above) explains that area was "the last stand" of the southern herd:

The last of the remaining "Southern Herd" in Texas were saved before extinction in 1876. Charles Goodnight's wife, "Molly" encouraged him to save some of the last relict bison that had taken refuge in the Texas Panhandle. Extremely committed to save this herd, she went as far as to rescue some young orphaned buffaloes and even bottle fed and cared for them until adulthood. By saving these few plains bison, she was able to establish an impressive buffalo herd near the Palo Duro Canyon. Peaking at 250 in 1933, the last of the southern buffalo would become known as the Goodnight Herd. The descendants of this southern herd were moved to Caprock Canyons State Park near Quitaque, Texas in 1998.
There are still a few around north central Texas, as well as some bona fide herds a bit further south. This one was decidedly friendly and was quite interested in sniffing me. What a huge animal!

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