Red, White & Blue

by Gay Spencer 17. April 2012 17:38

Even during the winter I noticed a great many US flags flying in downtown Milwaukee. But with the brighter, bluer, sunny skies of Spring, they seem to be everywhere. I have spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to take a decent picture of a flag. It's tougher with the little baby cameras that have a challenged zoom feature. If someone would like to demonstrate great flag picture skill, I would very happily post it!

And, I have a second request. How can I find out what city flies the most US flags? Has anybody ever done such a survey? Perhaps the question should be asked in some other way. Perhaps we should ask which city in the US buys the most flags per capita. Surely the question could be approached in several ways. My experience would suggest Milwaukee might be that city that flies the most flags. They are everywhere! Spring has been fairly blustery, and it's sent me to think quite a bit about the difference between "flap" and "furl." I've watched flags flap till the stripes of the flag stripped off and tangled themselves around the pole. I've also been mesmerized by the beautiful furl of a flag--much like watching the dancing flames of a fire. Taking pictures of the difference betweeen a flap and a furl? Hmmph. I'm still working on that one.

May your day furl rather than flap.


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