Pecan Waffles Please

by Gay Spencer 30. January 2012 13:26
Pecan Waffles Please

My best advice: start the day with a pecan waffle. Maybe not every day, but now and then. Blindly following the traditions of my forebearers is not my usual approach, but on this one they got it right. My parents had Saturday morning breakfast out, usually to have pancakes or waffles, every Saturday for decades. When my mother had some other commitment Saturday morning, I was often deputized as breakfast companion for my father. When in my company, I am not sure that I ever saw him have anything but pecan pancakes or a pecan waffle.

A favorite place was The Original Pancake House, usually on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. We always asked why there were several locations of "the original," but it never kept us from enjoying the breakfast.

The original Original Pancake House was in Portland, OR in 1953. I have tested the fare at the Downer Ave. location in Milwaukee more than once, and this morning's pecan waffle was perfect.

I'm okay with the idea of living and working in various places... maybe in multiple places pretty much at once. Here's a list of Original Pancake House locations. Don't expect me to live where I can't get great pecan waffles.

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