Passing Through 30th St.

by Gay Spencer 6. January 2012 10:16
Passing Through 30th St.

I love 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. I've taken (and posted) pictures of outside, of the trains, of the tracks, of people getting on the trains, of the columns... but never in main hall. It's a temple. A reverent place. Probably my first view of it was in the movie Witness, though I didn't know anything about Philadelphia at the time.

It's a special place. I find excuses to pass through there. I take a picture when going though there often. I wonder how many people pass through thoughlessly day in and day out? How many people register the elegant beauty of the space? How many minutes, on average, is a person there? A matter of seconds? I'll pass through there and pick up a sandwich at one of the many eateries and sit down on a bench just to watch the people go by. I've been there at almost every hour of the day and night. There are more pictures to be taken there.

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