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by Gay Spencer 19. August 2012 22:20
At Sunrise

By the end of this I'll ask for your support for the fight against breast cancer through this link to the Susan G. Komen foundation. In case you want to cut to the chase at the top, it's here as well as at the end of the post.

My alarm woke me at 4:00 am, I met my sister at her house at 4:45, and we met the others in a shopping center parking lot at 5:30 this morning. Official sunrise was at 6:54, so 5:30 is some kind of serious darkness.

By 6:35 we were over 3 miles down the trail and the sky was beginning to lighten. The dawn of a Texas Summer day is an exhilarating thing.

We're all training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in early November. We'll walk 20 miles x 3 days = 60 miles. Our training walk today was organized as a scavenger hunt. We collected pictures of a long list of things to make our 12-mile walk a great adventure.



One thing on the list was a nutria, which is a very strange (but luckily vegetarian!) critter. This one seemed eager to pose!

Stay Hydrated

A picture of filling our water bottles at our rest stop was also on the list... to encourage us in good habits of long-distance walkers. You can see the Sun was finally coming up at the 6-mile mark. I like David's shirt you can see in the background, "Someone I love needs a cure." If you know anything of the statistics, you know it, too. Someone *you* love needs a cure.


Salty Snacks!

When you walk a lot of miles, you need both water and electrolytes. So, a picture of a walker eating a "salty snack" was also on the scavenger hunt list. I got that one covered!

Remember to Stretch

It wasn't that long ago that the Spencer sisters would have thought walking 12 miles in the early morning would have been very painful if not patently hazardous. But, the Susan G. Komen folks know how to get you in shape. We've steadily increased the distances, and we were ready for the 12 miles. I also got a scavenger hunt point for a picture of a walker stretching.

The Home Stretch

Speaking of stretching... here are the troops on the home stretch, with just 3 miles or so to go. It was still fairly early for a Sunday, and everybody was high spirits. Two of the group had done 12 miles yesterday, too!

The Finish!

Here at the finish, you can tell it was a great morning walk. I wish you had heard some of the conversations along the trail. Some of the folks walking are breast cancer survivors, and they know that we have to do whatever we can to battle this disease, even if it means getting less sleep on the weekends. We're training to make that strong statement with thousands of others in the 3-day walk: WE MUST WIN IN THE FIGHT AGAINST THIS HORRIBLE DISEASE. Some have mothers and sisters and aunts who have suffered breast cancer, and they are determined to prevent others from suffering as they have.

I am obligated to raise $2300 for my 3-day walk, but my hope is to raise $3,000. Net proceeds from the 3-Day are invested in breast cancer research and community programs. I am just beginning and need your help! Please contribute via this link:
Thank You! Together we can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!

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