Monochrome Splash

by Gay Spencer 25. June 2012 20:57

It was too hot in Dallas today. They said 103 on the radio when I was getting back from lunch. Splashing water was certainly the most attractive image around. Give this little Flash thingy a little time to load, and you'll see that in real time, it was really splishin' and splashin' wildly. There I was standing next to the fountain with the baby camera for all of 3 minutes, and the security guard came to run me off, saying I wasn't allowed to take pictures of their private property... which was alongside a very public street in the middle of the city. Hmmph. Too late folks. How can you deprive almost heat-stroked folks a little vision of cool water?

The heat was hurting us today. Our servers at work overheated and the alarms squealed. I just felt beaten down. Monday is for Monochrome... and some cool splashing water.

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