MacArthur Corner

by Gay Spencer 1. March 2012 12:42
Milwaukee and Lake Michigan

The heart of Milwaukee, a stretch of several blocks along Wisconsin Ave. from Water Street to 4th Street (four city blocks) is connected by overstreet walkways and corridors, forming an urban mall called The Grand Avenue Mall. A significant part of it goes back to the early 1900's when it was built as Plankinton House, now called "Plankinton Arcade." On the corner near the picture is a plaque posted by the Milwaukee Historical Society that says:

General Douglas MacArthur
The Plankinton House hotel, which stood on this site, was the residence of General Douglas MacArthur in 1897-98. He and his parents lived here while Douglas attended West Division High School preparing for the entrance examinations to the U.S. Military Academy. Later, MacArthur listed the nearby Planinton Hotel as his official Milwaukee residence dring World War II, and occupied a suite there on his return to the city, April 27, 1951.

I expect he did get through those entrance exams, okay. It does seems like a peaceful place much more than a militaristic one. But maybe Douglas had the idea that a home like that was worth fighting for.

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