Long Term Tulips

by Gay Spencer 8. April 2012 21:34
Lillies Tulips

Recently I posted a picture that sparked a recollection of my father, but when the tulips are in bloom, I always think of my mother. I must have been only about six years old when I learned that she wasn't satisfied with the results of her tulip turnout, so she ingeniously waited until they began blooming, then augmented the live ones with plastic tulips that matched their colors! Her tulips always seemed to last much longer than all the neighbors! After learning this trick, she applied it in various ways. Over the years it became less likely to find the old style plastic flowers in her flower beds and more likely that all sorts of silk flowers were added. After she passed, we found closets full of silk flowers remained.

The tulip bed in front of Milwaukee's City Hall was certainly as full as it need be, but yes, I added one via the magic of Photoshop, just for Mom.


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