Lone Star Garage

by Gay Spencer 12. August 2012 18:58
Lone Star Garage

I'm thinkin' Texans are much more likely to paint their garage doors like their state flag than folks in other states. You are welcome to present evidence to the contrary.

It is a terrific flag, and I can claim it as "my" flag in a way over 60% of the residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area cannot... since I have a Texas birth certificate, and they do not. The Texas flag flew over these parts as the flag of the sovereign nation of Texas just 166 years ago (from March 2, 1836, to February 19, 1846). In that time Sam Houston was president from 1836-1838 and 1841-1844. Stephen F. Austin, considered "The Father of Texas" died in 1836, serving just two months as Secretary of State. We should talk about Texas history more often.

That Lone Star Flag is a beauty. Even on a garage door.

P.S. The garage door flag is a matter of yards from the hospital where I was born. Way to go, folks.

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