All Go on Wisconsin

by Gay Spencer 1. February 2012 14:26
All Go on Wisconsin

It can be rather gray in the winter in Milwaukee. S'ok. Makes you notice color in a new way.

To talk shop just a bit as far as the photos go, the little bitty Nikon Coolpix cameras used for most of the Tenstellium pictures truly are a wonder. This particular picture was taken with a Coolpix 4100s, and for less than $200, and just a little bit of know-how on setting the "scene" setting (this was a "night landscape"), it does amazingly well. It still helps to know how to adjust the "Exposure Compensation." If you get the scene thing and the exposure compensation thing figured out, you'll probably get good results.

It seems that one of the "features" that's supposed to be a selling point is the zoom level. The catch to the little bitty cameras is that if you zoom much at all, it's almost impossible to hold the camera steady. Likewise, at slower shutter speeds, the tiny cameras need support (find post or wall or a tripod) even more than the bigger ones. At the very least, reel in your arms and hold the camera close rather than way out there at arm's length. You'll be steadier that way.

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