Fresh for Supper

by Gay Spencer 27. January 2012 14:02
Fresh for Supper

My parents both came from families of subsitence farmers. They grew wheat on the Great Plains, and "success" meant that you stayed alive and kept your babies from starving. My dad told stories about learning how to "put up" the year's potato crop in the barn very carefully, so the potatoes would last until the next year's crop. My grandmothers were most proud when they could show the many jars of canned fruits and vegetables they had stored in their cellars.

It's a deeply rooted value. Security mostly meant food security. When only my parents remained in the household, they still had an extra freezer, an extra refrigerator, and lots of home-canned goods in reserve.

It's a healthier thing to buy fresh on your lunch hour what you'll eat for supper. I love that there's a fresh fruit and vegetable stand in downtown Milwaukee in January.

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