by Gay Spencer 26. January 2012 14:02
Graffiti Forgiven

As you go north from Chicago on the train, the amount of snow and the visible frozen water quickly increases. Even in northern Indiana, the farms look very cold. It must have been a wet season as a lot of frozen standing water stripes the rows and ditches.

When you're going through cities rather than the countryside, you see a lot of graffiti. A lot I don't get about graffiti. Sometimes it's just loud and messy. Now and then it does have flair. Near where this picture was taken north of Chicago, I saw a different one that was more in the stick figure vein rather than the big blobby ones. It was a few feet high and yards long, and it simply said, "F O R G I V E." I get that. That one was impressive.

By the way, I have this fervent hope that someday I am playing Scrabble and can use up all my tiles by playing "graffiti." One time my cousin did that with the word "tattoo," and that's one of my "wildest dreams" kinds of things. What is it about certain words that make more interesting than others?

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