First Milwaukee Snow

by Gay Spencer 12. January 2012 17:52
First Milwaukee Snow

On a recent shuttle bus ride from the Milwaukee's airport, the driver was perplexed that Milwaukee had not yet seen snow this season. The absence of snow made him uneasy. There was an overnight dusting a few weeks ago, but it doesn't count as "real" snow in Milwaukee. A total of 56 inches of snow snow fell last season. Unless it requires heavy equipment to deal with it, it's dismissed.

Last night at a social gathering folks were atwitter with news of significant snow in the forecast. Such a forecast in Texas would have tones of warning and alarm, but in Wisconsin, it's something to celebrate.

It's just beginning. Snow clouds are gray and heavy. Flags flap. Smokestacks blow sideways. Texas folks would be battening down the hatches, expecting to hibernate. Milwaukee folks move to battle stations, investing themselves in the mission of dealing with it. The local paper says, "Ninety-six pieces of snow removal equipment are poised to hit the streets when snow begins to fall Thursday." Way to go, guys. I may run an errand in it this afternoon, just to show a Texan can become a Wisconsinite. And today, perhaps, the clerk in the store will not suggest that I'm overdressed because I'm wearing gloves.

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