Fellow Walkers

by Gay Spencer 2. October 2012 22:43
Fellow Walkers

With our training schedule increasing to 17- to 18-mile walks on weekends, it's not surprising that we cross paths with other walkers doing their training walks. It's great fun, and as you can see in the picture, it's a celebration of sorts when we share a sidewalk for a few moments.

Speaking of sharing... it's time to share in the effort by contributing a small amount to the cause! Please help. We've walked (my sister and I) about 500 miles over the last 3 months to be a more visible and committed advocate for working toward a breast cancer-free world for you and the women you care about. I am a long way from my goal of $2300, and I need your help! After all those miles of preparation, I will not be allowed to participate in the event unless I have gained $2300 in contributions. I cannot do it without your help.

You can contribute through this link, or the "3-day Walker" badge on the left of this page will take you to the same screen to donate.

If you have contributed already, I appreciate your help very much. After seeing what my sister went through after being diagnosed and treated (successfully!) for breast cancer a few years ago, I know that we must do all we can to overcome this terrible disease.

Thanks for helping.

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