Dancing Philly Phlames

by Gay Spencer 21. January 2012 20:09
Dancing Philly Phlames

How long ago when our first ancestors gathered close around a fire and were mesmerized by the dancing flames? And still. I've not lived in a place with a fireplace, but now certainly would be the time to put another log on the fire.

It is just not as photogenic to take a picture of the oil radiator heater that I've been huddled near all day. The pictured phlames were at my neighbor's in Philly, where the forecast predicts a low of 20F tonight.

The Sun entered Aquarius yesterday, and birds, aquamarine, apples, limes... okay, I will have to take some pictures of chili peppers to represent Aquarius associations. As Aquarius is an air sign rather than a fire sign, you might think this picture doesn't fit, but perhaps we can consider that the fire requires air, or it dies. I'll ponder that, while I'm mesmerized by the flames.

A very long time ago my sister called me "Little Phoenix," thanks to that going through the flames thing. It's kinda scary, I can grant you that. But, the Little Phoenix presses on to the other side. Don't look back.

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