Crape, Crape Everywhere....

by Gay Spencer 16. June 2012 21:44
Crape Myrtle

Dallas is extremely fond of Crape Myrtle trees (or Crepe Myrtle). They are blooming well this year, and one might think they are the only thing sold at the garden store given how often they are central to a landscape here. The watermelon colored flowers are most usual, but they also range from a lilac sort of purple to white. They are almost as tolerant of the heat as okra... which sometimes doesn't seem to want to grow unless it's over 100 degrees.

Waxahachie, TX (pronounced like "walks-a-HAT-chee") is 30 miles south of Dallas and has a Crape Myrtle Festival (I'm always up for a fest!) and has been designated "The Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas." What an astonishing designation!

A Crape Myrtle was pictured here when the one outside my door was visited by that cute little green fellow. The flowers of the Crape Myrtle are frilly and "crepey" like the fabric called "crepe," and the bark is pretty, too.

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