Break Lights

by Gay Spencer 24. January 2012 07:30
Break Lights

The west side of the station is the 30th Street side, and just off the station's north west corner is one of the newer additions to the Philadelphia skyline--Cira Center. It's an odd juxtaposition with its mirrored, lit-up, non-squared angles. But, I guess you have to be a little loud to get noticed when you've got stately 30th Street next door.

We got snow yesterday, then rain first turned everything foggy, then washed away the snow. Our weather gets weirder and weirder.

Posting a picture every day is not always going to be fun or convenient. Yes, I've been a bit maniacal about photography since before I was a teenager, but it's never been that I was obsessed with taking pictures everyday. A picture a day is a discipline, a committment to learning to see what is in my world every single day, and an invitatation for revelation, serendipity, and now and then seeing tough stuff, too.

First a little story.

Some years ago not too long after I'd moved to Columbus, OH, a friend from my undergrad years and some friends from my time in Indiana came to visit me at the same time in the summer. We spent a long day at a water park, splashing around like little kids all day. We're all serious enough grown-ups, but it was great to have great friends around for a day of just having fun. On the way home we were on a busy arterial street about rush hour time, and the cars at a traffic light were backed up far, far more than usual. I was driving and stopped in the long line for the light. I glanced in the rear-view mirror, and realized the car behind me wasn't stopping. And right there, with three of my dearest friends in my tiny little car, the teenaged driver plowed into the back of my car. Because I had tensed up in anticipation of the impact, it did more damage to me than anyone else in the car. Thankfully, we weren't hurt badly, and even the car was repairable. I drove through that intersection regularly for many years after that. Every time I went through there, I was tempted to shiver just a bit. Strange. The place always felt like it had an uneasy, bad vibe to it.

This picture is of a place like that. Breakage happened right there. I have always really hated that something bad happened at my beloved 30th Street station, but it did. There. Exactly where the brake lights are.

Last night I was there, and I saw the lights and those wonderful columns, and I knew the picture was about the break lights. When you are looking for the pictures, they run into you, and you know what they mean.

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