Boxes Ready to Load

by Gay Spencer 15. February 2012 18:00
Boxes To Load

The three-man crew, Rudy, Richard and Jermain, did most of the work, but the packing operation left me totally spent today. whew. Please pardon me for a lack of concern with any artistic aspect of the day's picture.

It does seem like way too much work to get oneself packed into boxes and moved from one place to the other. It has me thinking I've done this thing way too many times. I've cris-crossed myself from living in Texas, then in Illinois, then in Texas, then in Indiana, then in Ohio, then in Texas, then in Philadelphia, then to Milwaukee. Some people would have figured out how to move with just a couple of suitcases... but not me! Oy.

So, everything can go into boxes in one day... but I wonder how many months (years?) till everything comes out of the boxes? In my own defense (or, perhaps it incriminates me even further!) I will confess that I threw away some books that had been packed in boxes (and put under the stairs) since about 2000. They were well cured and ready to be thrown out.

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