Bois d'Arc Fence

by Gay Spencer 10. July 2012 20:11
Bois d'Arc Fence Posts

Recently, I spoke of the wood of a Bois d'Arc tree, showed its fairly small range of growing and said, "wood of the Bois d'Arc tree was absolutely impervious to rot and weather, making it the absolute best choice for fence posts, ever." I'm quoting the words I typed on the linked page, but they are actually the words of my father who grew up on farms in the south west corner of Missouri, farms that favored using Bois d'arc for fence posts. He became a carpenter in his early 20's and he knew the properties of many, many types of wood in the way of a true craftsman. And then he developed many subdivisions of houses in the Dallas area--from Duncanville in the south to Plano in the north; from Grand Prairie toward the west and Rockwall in the east.

While walking through an affluent neighborhood in Plano, I noticed this fence and immediately knew those were Bois d'Arc fence posts used decoratively. I do not know who is really responsible for designing that little corner fence thing in that subdivision, but it might have been a developer that grew up on farms in Bois d'Arc country.

I know that he would have burst with pride if he knew I noticed something like that.

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