Blessed Be

by Gay Spencer 30. March 2012 19:44
Blessed Be

The most astonishing thing happened as I was walking in downtown Milwaukee this afternoon. I was stopped at a traffic light just as the signal in my direction turned red. Waiting at the traffic light in front of me were two lanes of traffic, each lane with about four or five cars waiting.

Their light turned green, and the cars in the lane closest to me accelerated and crossed through the intersection. The first car in the second lane also moved forward and across the intersection. The second vehicle in that lane was a black SUV driven by a young woman. It didn't move. There were three cars waiting behind it.

Nothing happened. Seconds ticked past. I took a step forward and peered through the windshield at the driver. It appeared she had her head bent down, probably texting on her cell phone. More seconds ticked past. Probably 10 to 15 seconds passed, and not a single one of the cars waiting behind her sounded their horn. Not. A. One.

Thankfully, before their light turned red again, she looked up, figured it out, and drove on.

No horn sounded. No fist was raised. Presumably, no harm done. I hope with all my heart they proceeded to a wonderful Friday Fish Fry and found warmth and good cheer with dear friends.

Whoa. Bless them. The Beatitudes were written long before Wisconsin existed, but any modern day revision would absolutely require acknowledgement of this. Blessed be the Wisconsin drivers, for we will all live longer if we let it be.

This picture is looking west along Wisconsin Avenue at about 2nd Street.

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