Cannot tell a lie

by Gay Spencer 7. February 2012 17:58
Ahhh. Cherry Garcia ice cream!

George Washington's birthday is on February 22 (born 1732... which was 280 years ago) or on February 11th on the old calendar system, so hey, I'm going to pretend today is the day to mention that! See, it's that I am posting another picture taken at 30th Street Station. I have extolled the virtues of its architecture and the spirit of the place and all that wonderful grandness.

You did hear, right, that the whole chopping down the cherry tree thing is all mythology? Do school children still color little pictures of trees and cherries and axes on Washington's birthday?

But. Here's the truth.

That Cherry Garcia ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's store there--served by this most charming fellow--is a good enough reason to go to 30th Street Station in itself. Manohman was that good. Yep. I did it. And I told this person that next time I'd have to try that other flavor he let me sample... but, well, uh... it will probably have to be the Cherry Garcia again. Yep.

Great shirt, too.


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