100 lbs. Before Breakfast

by Gay Spencer 2. January 2012 10:26

100lbs. Before Breakfast

You do know the words we use to talk about becoming less overweight are insulting. I mentioned losing my watch yesterday. Not long after the watch disappearance, my keys similarly vanished. My car was "lost" for six weeks because of a car repair saga (a story for another day). But you see, even in that last sentence, the "lost" merits quotation marks because while I couldn't see or use or even get to where my car was, I always had some faith that it would eventually be returned to me. We don't put the quotes around it when we talk about "losing" weight, though the idea of "losing" weight is pretty much ludicrous. Every ounce of my body tenaciously sticks with me. Getting rid of even a few pounds is a challenge, not like simply losing track of something. That fat around my middle is already misplaced! It should not be there!

This is my subject today for multiple reasons. It's time to get serious about the NY's resolutions, and getting in shape (weighing less, eating more healthily, being more fit) is the most "popular" (see, I can be euphemistic, too!) resolution (if you think you need a citation that supports that argument, go ahead and try to argue with it). Just when we need encouragement, the New York Times Magazine comes out with a painfully long and detailed article called The Fat Trap Read it and weep, Dear Ones.

Truly, allow me to apologize. The holidays really should be about eating, drinking and being merry. So, it was. Now it's January. Capricorn. Aquarius. Cold, hard, serious times. Soon, I will be sharing recipes and talking about cooking and baking and eating and sharing.... Gotta be serious, though. I know enough about my genes to know I'm one of those the article talks about where the pounds per calories math just isn't fair.

So, okay, to the "100 pounds before breakfast" thing. I packed up two boxes (standard book boxes, 12"x 12"x 16"), and weighed them and had to take out a couple books from each to keep them at 50 lbs. each. They are both full of old textbooks that I don't need anymore. They'll be donated, and if the recipients care to burn them, I'll be blissfully ignorant of it. Maybe the paper can be recycled. Whatever. That's 100lbs. less baggage for me!

Making a visual assessment here, I'm going to call those two boxes of books a unit of "one shelf" of books. Counting up the other books (some on shelves, some in stacks, some on the floor), my estimate is that I have 20 shelves of books! Ei-yi-yi. Twenty times 100 lbs is 2000 lbs. There ya go. A ton of books. Wow. Waitaminute... I didn't figure in the cookbooks in the kitchen... add another shelf to that.

Now's the time to ask you to make predictions, though I am not so sure it's wise that you share them with me as it's likely to seriously discourage me. It's a huge amount of work. What's your guess about the total tonnage? I'll weigh them as I pack them. Secondly, what's your guess on how many I will be able to part with? I'm happy to get rid of boxes of the old textbooks. I can also part with a shelf or two of paperbacks. There are probably some of the techie books that are obsolute and can go. Sewing books are hard to find, so I'll keep those. Current programming books are in use all the time. Hafta keep those. Ponder your prognostication, and in a short while, I'll give you one tool or another to enter your guess. The prize will, of course, be a picture!

That brings us to the next related subject, which is the big contest here at Tenstellium. The mechanics are not in place for you to submit your guesses, yet, but you'll be able to do that soon enough. The contest is to guess how many images I capture (the modern day version of "how many pictures I take") in the process of posting a picture a day for the year. Day by day, the number varies widely. What with this 'n that, I snapped the shutter 42 times this morning before lunch! The winner of this contest will get to choose a photograph they'd like printed and framed for their wall. More details will follow.

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