Non-Labor Agreement

by Gay Spencer 1. September 2013 21:48

The high temperature today in Dallas was 103, and that is not okay. On rare and precious "minor" holiday weekends when you get Monday off, but you're not obligated to some demanding ritualized hoopla, it is simply wrong to be subjected to such hellish heat.

The closest thing I can suggest to consolation is pictured above.

I loaded up my little breakfast tray with a bowl of yogurt and a most perfectly beautiful sweet nectarine. I baked the raisin/muesli/honey bread myself. The coffee was some wonderful, winey, darkly roasted Rwandan that I just discovered. The book is Ian Frazier's Travels in Siberia which is the perfect counterweight to the triple digit oppression of summer's end in Dallas. I'm loving the book. Mr. Frazier can expect a fan letter from me. It won't be the first, by the way, but it's been probably a decade since the last one I sent to him.

The air conditioning (and the air compressor) runs most hours this time of year, and the first hour or two of daylight is the coolest and the quietest time of day. A little reading by the water in the morning can make it a better day.

Hope you found a way to unlabor yourself. Stay focused on that mission tomorrow, too.

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