Slowhand Rocks

by Gay Spencer 20. March 2013 22:53
Watch Here  ("Gotta Get Over" from his new Old Sock release)

Several years ago my friend Phil took me to see Eric Clapton play in Madison Square Garden. I've said many time since that it was the best concert I ever went to (which is the kind of statement I'm tempted to make about quite a few concerts!).
Slowhand and his band of veterans* served up an evening of music that spans several genre and many decades. He turns 68 at the end of this month, and delivered a show that had people dancing in the aisles. When I heard he was in concert in Dallas (and that The Wallflowers were on the bill!), I knew I had to go. Wow.
Give a listen... and forgive the cell phone audio and video quality. You'll get the gist. Hang in there to see drummer Steve Jordan giving 110%. I bet you can't get to the 2 minute mark without discovering that your toe is tapping, too.
*Besides Jordan, onstage were Chris Stainton (piano and keyboards), Willie Weeks (bass), Paul Carrack (organ and keyboards), Greg Leisz (pedal steel guitar), Michelle John and Sharon White (backing vocalists). Go to a Clapton concert. He's the best.


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